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Selected Press

"Choreography by Edgar Godineaux is flawless."
                        - Susan Lillis, Splash Magazine

"Strikingly innovative choreography."
                              - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"The choreography from Sergio Trujillo and Associate Edgar Godineaux calls on the athleticism and heart of these performers."

                                 - Ruthie Fierberg, Playbill

"But the Director/Choreographer Edgar Godineaux, in the tradition of Fosse, is that rare breed in the theater: a magician who can turn a sow's score into a silk production. No. Not silk. Golden."

                                      - Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

"But when the music starts, they're flying: snapping and sashaying through the light-fantastic choreography and making silky work of a vast catalog."

                    - Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

"An electrifying musical buoyed by the suave choreography and thrill-a-minute performances of its star-in-the-making cast."    

                  - Peter Marks, The Washington Post

"Not just your imagination: Temptations musical rocks! Richly textured, perfectly blended harmonies back lead vocals that somehow combine swaggering showmanship, meticulously honed technique, and emotion of almost unbearable intensity."

                                       - San Francisco Chronicle 

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